The Internet Plague

The internet is the single most revolutionary invention of modern times. It has become the base of everything. Every business, relationship, and government relies on the internet for a myriad of different tasks. In what’s known as “The Internet Age”, it’s becoming easier and easier for people to be intentionally misled about all kinds of information. One such example is “fake news”. The term itself is pretty vague and open to interpretation but it’s generally used to describe information purporting itself as news but is actually false. The term “news” always been synonymous with credibility and accuracy. By flippantly labeling things one disagrees with as “fake news”, people are undermining the credibility of news organizations everywhere. There is more “news” than ever these days. With the internet, people can post opinions or stories about whatever they want, publicly. By allowing anyone and everyone with a blog to call whatever they want “news”, the public is doing a disservice to themselves. There needs to be an independent, bipartisan organization made up of journalists to determine what publications can call themselves “news”.

When America was founded, the founders were fearful of the public voting because they feared they were uneducated and uninformed. Today, we have the opposite problem. People read things on the internet and assume they are educated and informed when, in fact, what they are reading could be nothing more than a propaganda piece published under the guise of “news” in order to convince people to agree with that specific point of view. An organization made up of news professionals who know what it takes to write credible and thoroughly sourced news would have the power to label respectable news outlets as news and those outlets not up to snuff have to disclose that they are not an accredited outlet. This would improve the quality of the knowledge of the public while still allowing people to post whatever they want.  


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