The Harsh Reality of Photoshop

When it comes to Photoshopping; the media is no stranger to its deceptive nature.  These days, Photoshopping is not only limited to your favorite magazine. According to Beauty Redefined, “It’s TV. It’s video. It’s your favorite brand online. It’s everywhere.” With the constant flow of images and video streaming nationally through the media, you can only imagine the effect it has on its viewers. This is because most images and visuals that are being put out into magazines, commercials and videos are not informing the audience of the amount of work each photo had done in order to reach ideal “perfection”. This in turn causes major self esteem issues for not only the consumers, but young adolescents who may not know about Photoshopping and its deception. These projections of the perfect “ideal image” creates a warped perspective on how you view yourself and what you should look like.

This is why us at Honest Action believe that the media should be putting some type of regulation on Photoshopping. Regulations such as policies being put into place to require major companies to have to inform its viewers that their images have been digitally modified. Some proposals have been made in the past such as the “Truth in Advertising Act of 2014” according to IBTimes. This was a proposed bill that would try to reduce the use of photoshopped images in advertisements and media. We believe this will encourage companies to limit or stop editing their content in order to maintain positive brand image. According to Beauty Redefined, “The AMA currently adopted a new policy to encourage advertising associations to work with public and private sector organizations concerned with child and adolescent health to develop guidelines for advertisements, especially those appearing in teen-oriented publications, that would discourage the altering of photographs in a manner that could promote unrealistic expectations of appropriate body image.” So as you can see, there is some reform at work, but more awareness needs to be made and more regulations need to be enforced


Target's March 2014 Photoshop hack job to the JUNIOR's swim line is unreal.
Target’s March 2014 Photoshop hack job to the Junior’s swim line is unreal.

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