Types of Lies these Advertisers Tell

In this article by The Balance called Likelihood of Honesty in Advertising Told The Whole Truth written by Paul Suggett discusses the types of lies such as Lie of Commission, Lie of Omission, and Lie of Influence. Suggett explains that lie of commission is a described as a blatant lie and then he compares to advertising strategies and explains that they will never use this form of the lie because of liability. The US legal system prohibits false claims in advertisements so it makes it almost impossible to use lie of commission. He then talks about the lie of omission and this includes the truth but omits an important part of the whole truth. Suggett points to this as advertisers’ bread and butter, they include the positive aspects of the products but purposefully ignore the negative aspects. Then he discusses the last type of lie known as the lie of influence where an accusation aiming for a truth is countered with a positive statement that sways the accuser to look at the accused in a positive light. Advertisers use this strategy when they include celebrities that may have nothing to do with the product but can influence the audience to want to use the product as well. Honest Action is well aware of these lies told by advertising companies to sell their products.
These types of lies were followed by the question “What if Ads Were 100% Honest?” and Suggett lists this as an impossible task followed up with the reasoning that the exaggerations and tactics are used to promote the product in a unique way that interests the consumer. Now, one may think that Honest Action is completely against these tactics and believe that it is unethical to show an AXE commercial where a man tries on the deodorant and is then trampled by beautiful women, but if we’re being completely honest with you, we are ok with some aspects of this marketing. These are creative advertisements where most consumers are aware of the satire and angles being used to sell the product. Our problem comes when advertisers sell their products add editing to the human appearance, to change the consumer’s actual belief in the products ability to do what it was made to do. These are lies that should be illegal when there is not an unreal twist or fantasy as a major part of the ad being shown. Honest Actions does agree that 100% honesty from these ads would not be profitable we still want consumers to be aware and woke.GettyImages-524856956-575749a95f9b5892e82288b6


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