Farewell Remarks From Honest Action

Here at Honest Action we believe that freedom of speech is very important in all aspects of society. But when it comes to weighing the good vs. bad of this particular ideal, the bad ultimately outweighs the other. Throughout our weekly postings we explored the idea of having stricter regulations on our media outlets, such as photo shopping or fake news releases. We have also examined advertisers, government officials, and everyday citizens use of hate speech in society.   Our initial intent was to further examine free speech’s extent in today’s world, but in the end we grappled with many different issues that freedom of speech might produce.

We believe in free speech and that everyone should have a voice, and we also see the value in persuasion tactics used by government officials, advertisers and the media. It is easy to understand that these things are often used to promote a business or get a particular job but these goals can be done and should be done honestly and in the way does not offend the people. In today’s society we can often see individuals and organizations use both sides of freedom of speech; while some are positive, progressive, and harmless there are many that are negative, regressive and harmful and these are the messages that need limits. Freedom of speech is what makes America such a land of opportunity and hope, but we also believe that messages have the power to shape the minds of society and can affect individuals directly. We want those individuals to feel protected and we will do this by keeping the public aware and continuing to pass on the message.

So next time you pick up your favorite magazine, or scrolling through your timeline on social media; think about how freedom of speech affects you. Is it really freeing? Or is it all just a facade.