UCB calls off Ann Coulter


UC Berkley has canceled a scheduled appearance by conservative pundit, Ann Coulter. This is another lecture by a conservative to be canceled at the university amid safety concerns. Some people are viewing the cancellation as an abridgment of free speech citing that a democrat wouldn’t have been canceled on. Here at Honest Action, we believe the cancellation justified as it was not motivated by party but by safety concerns for the general public.


GOOGLE Does Free Speech Right…


This article in and of itself is a responsible restriction of free speech. By denoting what constitutes fake news, Google is prohibiting the propagation of incendiary language as news. No one is arguing that people shouldn’t be able to express their opinions and beliefs. The problem is packaging those ideas as news and as fact. By Google taking measures to inform consumers of their media that they’re reading something that doesn’t deserve the title of news, Google is standing up for the purity of what journalism and, by extension, what news means.

Free Speech can be Harmful, We Know!

This article posits that hate speech should be outlawed in the context of free speech. We agree with this characterization for a number of reasons.

  1. The majority of people making the decisions about what constitutes acceptable free speech are of the same ethnicity, white, and as such they are unaware of the ripple effect and defamation that can be caused by the speech of others.
  2. The inherent privilege granted by the bill of rights for free speech came at a time where everyone’s speech wasn’t that visible whereas now; everything anyone puts online can be seen by anyone. Free_Speech_Doesnt_Mean_Careless_Talk-_-_NARA_-_513606-1

The Power of Hate Speech!

2012-9-20-muhammed cartoonsemailCOLOR

This image was centered around Texas competition to draw Muhammad, disrespecting the Muslim religion. In this image as one citizen says it is simply “free speech” to hold competitions like this another approaches and corrects him stating that actions like this are just as dangerous as yelling “fire” in a crowded theater. Speech like this threatens people being, causes chaos and does more harm than good in the community.

No Reason to Do it? ….Wrong!


According to The First Amendment and the U.S. Constitution, “Congress shall make no law….abridging (limiting) the freedom of speech, or of the press…” Here at Honest Action, we believe that restrictions should be placed on the media to control their misleading views of the public.

The Patch posted an article titled “There is No Reason to Limit Freedom of Speech,” In this article, the author Ray Newman discusses Freedom of Speech and argues that there should be no limitations on what people can say. His fueling his argument was that citizens are mature and are able to “express their opinions without being censored.” Newman believes in people sharing their own opinions and looks at freedom of speech from the people’s perspective. He also believes that individuals should take it upon themselves and do their own research when reading anything. While part of this philosophy fits the Honest Action mold we simply do not agree with all of his views.

In regards to seeing all citizens as mature and able to make their own rational choices when it comes to free speech in many situations, this standard cannot be set for all of the US. Every year we see countless citizens create chaos and senseless violence that occurs in various parts of the country. Newman mentions that the government sets limits already; one example being people that cannot yell “fire” in a compact build. While Newman sees this as unnecessary this is a restriction that makes sense and enforces safety. In a world where anything can happen, why would it be irrational to believe someone yelling “fire” even if you did not visually see one? This can cause chaos and injuries, crushing and trampling. This is an extreme example of what can happen in this situation, but a realistic possibility. Dangerous and false statements harm our society. It would be naive to attempt to censor all statements of the sort just due to lack of resources to do so alone, especially due to the “Internet age,” but some speech and press are harmful to society as seen in the previous example.
Honest Action believes that people should be able to say whatever as long as it is not reckless and can possibly endanger the lives of others. Freedom and safety for all!