Thin is In


Is it possible to ignore the inevitable? The same thing that’s constantly staring at us and every day reminding us that we’re not good enough to be seen as beautiful is also telling us to not pay attention to our very own looks. Can it be true that I am the vain one that allowed society to place standards and ideologies of beauty upon me?  Buzzfeed editor, Amy Odell writes, “This is what we’re becoming and it needs to stop”.

From protein shakes to low carbs diets with friends. This friendly competition of losing weight has become more than getting bodies toned up for summer, but rather a reason to promote industries to degrade females down to their waist size.

Odell states under her headline that, “What’s worse than retouching is how many OTHER ways the world is telling women how important it is to be thin — and how much women let those messages influence them”. However, these images are bombarding our daily life and it is impossible to simply tolerate their visibility. To say that photoshop isn’t a big deal implies that young women are not strong enough to view the media and disregard messages being sent to them.

Odell also states, “Why does Bethenny Frankel get a free pass to shill as much Skinnygirl this and that as she can manage to license? That whole brand sends the message that other food and beverage and lifestyle brands are, by default, Fatgirl brands”. However, food industries are only complying to further demean women that photoshopping is okay and to measure up to these standards means changing your lifestyle habits and incorporating new “health tips” to stay skinny and appear as models and celebrity endorsers.

Companies are taking advantage of human insecurities and lies showcased by magazine covers to gain product revenue. Not to mention reiterating men’s perspective of how women should eat, dress, and behave.

Here at Honest Action, we recommend women not ignore this issue, but critique the media for shaming audiences into regulating their health habits to fit a more accepting shape. At Honest Action we respect all perspectives and honor truthful views to the public to not misconstrue their body image with unachievable preferences.